Dell Optiplex GX520 desktop: low cost solution for your business



dell optiplex gx520 desktopWhen it comes to computers most of us make the mistake in buying one which is a little too powerful for our needs and end up spending a lot more than required. For offices or home offices you would require a desktop computer which does not need high end components. Instead you’ll need reliability. For that kind of work the Dell Optiplex GX 520 is your best bet.

The Dell Optiplex GX 520 desktop happens to be one the best solution for an office. This computer is reliable and will perform your daily tasks without any problems. The GX520 comes with an Intel Pentium 4 processor running at 3.0 GHz. This processor might be old but it still packs enough punch to perform regular office tasks with ease. Along with the Pentium 4 processor this desktop comes with a GB of RAM which should ensure that your applications run smoothly. In case you find this amount of RAM to be in adequate then you could upgrade to about 2 GB as there are two ram slots available. Since this uses DDR memory it should be relatively cheap to upgrade as well.

Coming to the expansion capabilities there are about 8 USB ports with which you can connect all the USB devices that you need. The integrated graphics will ensure that you can watch all the videos you want without any problems. The GX 520 comes along with a keyboard and an optical mouse as well. This system will run on Windows XP Professional and will come with the recovery CD as well. This will ensure that in case your system crashes you can recover your OS without needing to call tech support.

Overall the Dell Optiplex GX520 is a solid PC for an office or home office!

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