4 ways to make your front door shine


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If you want to give out a welcoming aura to your home, paying attention to your front door is a good idea. According to many cultures, the front door is thought to be the entry point to the house that brings in plenty of opportunities, abundance of love and prosperity and good energy. Take a look at some ideas on how to make your front door shine:

1. Give some serious thought to the color or the door. Blue is said to bring in abundance and dark blue especially is said to create calm and peace for your home. Green represents peace, balance, compassion and harmony. Red is very popular and according to many cultures, including American, red says “welcome.” If going in for natural wood finish, go in for a high polish.

2. Once you’ve decided on the color, move on to the hardware. A door handle is something you touch every time you open the door. Go with an antique handle if your house reflects that décor. Polished brass handles always look good while white bronze gives a very chic look, depending on the color of the door. Brass hardware these days comes with a “lifetime finish” to make maintaining them easier.door chime covers

3. Pretty door knockers add charm to any door. Antique ones look good for a traditional décor while brushed nickel suits more contemporary homes. If you have a door chime, think of door chime covers that are available in both antique and contemporary finish.

4. A mailbox or a mail slot that suits the door like a wrought iron one, wrought brass or wax cast brass  looks charming. These can be polished regularly to give them quite a gleam.

Look at lantern lights, keyless locks, ceramic or brass numerals for house numbers or other finishes and make your front door shine. You can even hang a flower basket or a wreath to extend that feeling of welcoming warmth.

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