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Football sideline jacket via amazon.comWe all have our favorite athletes. Some of mine growing up include Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Will Clark, Steve Young, Cal Ripken, Michael Jordan, and Barry Bonds. And just like many of you, I had their trading cards, autographs, and posters all over the place. One of the most popular way to emulate your favorite athletes is to wear the same thing they wear on the field. Maybe you had a favorite jersey, hat, or sideline jacket that you wore. Here is some of the apparel you can wear to look like your favorite superstar or member of your favorite team.

Jerseys: I have a replica San Francisco Giants jersey with no player, and a replica Giants jersey with Willie McCovey. It’s risky to get a current player’s jersey because they switch teams so often between free agency and trades that it may soon be obsolete. Since they are often well over $100, go with a blank jersey or a throwback jersey.

Hats: Hats are a safer bet since teams rarely switch logos. However baseball is about the only sport where hats are relevant. Football players have hats they wear on the sideline, but it’s not as often as a baseball player. Basketball and hockey players also have official hats, but wear them even less often than football players.

Other Gear: MLB has official baseball jackets players wear in the dugout (I have my official Giants jacket), and the NFL has official football sideline jackets their players wear (no official 49ers jacket, yet). Beyond that, you can wear something that a specific player wears. For example, the same cleats that Derek Jeter wears, or the same wristband Kobe Bryant wears.

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