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It is much too easy to let household papers get out of control. Bills, newsletters, school & work papers, and receipts constantly come into the home. A good organizational system keeps your important papers form cluttering up your life. Today I will share my tried and true filing system with you!
I use a canvas file box. It takes up significantly less space than a filing cabinet or file folder rack. I also love how portable it is. I can take it to the kitchen table and do my fling while my kids play. Gather everything you need to get your new system together: files, file box, label maker or marker, garbage, and paper shredder.

First I made 4 folders that I call my “action files”. I labeled them: TO DO, TO PAY, TO FILE, and TO SHRED. This allows me to quickly file away the mail when in a hurry and then once a week I can go through those and pay bills and file things into their specific longer-term folder.

Here are some more ideas for folders that you may need to include in your filing system:

  • Bank, Benefits,
  • Cell Phone, Church,
  • Dentist, Doctor,
  • Electronics (for warranties and receipts),
  • Financial Statements (bank, investment, or credit card),
  • Insurance,
  • Taxes (I have one folder for the current tax year and one for all the past years),
  • Utilities, Vehicle,
  • Work (important papers from my husband’s job), and I have a folder for each member of our family.

I like having my “action files” in the front, then having all my other folders after that, in alphabetical order.

I have always loved organizing. I enjoy finding simple solutions to make life a bit easier and more efficient. These ideas can be modified to fit any family’s needs. I know this system has been so helpful in keeping the papers organized in my home.

Happy organizing!

About the Author:

Sarah Wolsey is a blogger, crafter, and scrapbooker. Her blog Crafting and Creativity is home to her creative projects. She is a mother of 2 young kids  with a passion for all types of crafts, photography, documenting memories, and organizing. She believes that organizing makes life easier and gives her more time to do what she loves, spending time with her family.


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