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The holiday movie season will be quickly sneaking up on us very soon, and summer blockbusters are releasing on DVD as I write this blog. Before you go out to watch “Immortals,” “J. Edgar,” “The Muppets,” and the latest “Twilight” and “Sherlock Holmes” in theaters this holiday, view the latest summer flicks on DVD in the comfort of your own home. Watch these summer flicks including “X-Men: First Class,” “Transformers: Dark of the Moon,” and “The Hangover Part 2,” in your very own home theater.

Home theaters provide the comfort and privacy that movie theaters can’t. You can watch movies in crisp high-definition, without people kicking your seat — maybe your kids still do this at home — and with relatively no distractions such as cell phone screens and chatter.

Here are the essentials you need to make the perfect home theater:

  • Home theatre couch:  Home theatre couches can be a little bit pricey — costing thousands of dollars — but they are worth their weight in gold. Why? Because they are designed to be comfortable, sturdy and optimal for viewing movies, TV, etc.
  • High-definition projector and screen: A HD projector is the perfect viewing device for a home theater. Projectors can reach screen sizes that HDTVs can’t compete with yet. You can go 100 plus inches across, a size that no TV reaches. If there was a 100 plus inch TV, it would cost quite a pretty penny in relation to a HD projector and screen
  • Surround sound: What’s one of the best parts about going to a movie theater? The heart pounding sound! Bring that heavy, multi-directional sound to your home with a surround sound system. A 5.1 system — 5 speakers, 1 subwoofer — will suffice, but a 7.1 system is ideal.

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