How to create a contemporary living room


If you are looking to update your living room and want to go for a contemporary look, here are a few pointers to help you out. Contemporary interior design is great if you like to entertain or simply want to make your home look more modern.

Many contemporary home designs include a lot of darker colors like black, gray, a touch of silver and the exception is white. It’s ok to use pop of color here and there like a red, for example. The point is your trying to avoid using the 70s green shag rug.

If you want to add a few to touches to your already contemporary living room, silver throw pillows are a nice touch. Silver throw pillows are great to use when you are transforming a room into a more contemporary styled area, and they add a great decorative element as well. Other items that you can include are empty vases, a silver trim mirror or a black TV tray. Framed black and white photos ironically look great in contemporary spaces as well.

As for furniture, a gray couch is great for a contemporary room. It’s not too dark and it’s a calming color. Try a black coffee table, or you could even go with a glass coffee table. Black furniture is the most typical in contemporary rooms. However, you can incorporate gray, white and silver here and there. You should use whatever furniture and décor you love in your contemporary living room.

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