How to update your home office


green leather chairYour home office should be a place you can go to think quietly and come up with new ideas. For this to be possible you need to have an office that is comfortably furnished and decorated in an inviting way. There are ways to keep your office fresh with a sense of openness so that you can keep the ideas flowing and then getting your work done won’t seem as daunting.

One of the latest trends I’ve seen a lot lately is wide black and white stripes. I’ve seen this on area rugs and desk lamps. Try painting one wall in your office with thick horizontal black and white stripes. I say horizontal because, if you try vertical, then were working in the opposite direction and turning your office into a jail cell. That’s not what we what! You could also try silver and white if the idea of black and white is too much for you. This will give your office a modern and interesting look.

Offices tend to be dull. Offices often have a lot of dark wooden furniture and books stacked on top of more books. It’s important to keep your office fresh. One way to do this is by incorporating a pop of color. A bright green leather chair, for example, would be a great way to add a pop of color to your home office because it has a practical use as well. Another way to freshen up your office is to keep a small (or large) plant on your desk or shelf. The presence of indoor plants has been said to improving mood and creativity.

If you’re having trouble getting your work done, you don’t have to gut your whole home office. Just try a few of these simple updates and you willingly get back to work.

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