Pamper your hair with a natural bristle brush


natural bristle brush

I often wonder how Rapunzel managed her long and gorgeous mane; no wonder it is a fairy tale. In real life, hair maintenance used to be a daunting task for me, or I thought so till I came across natural bristle brushes. But unlike the regular ones, this is made of pumice and will help untangle hair.

Now I am not blessed with silky sleek hair like many of you. Even my hair is wavy, tangled and so frizzy. On a friends recommendation I tried out the pumice hair brush and I must say the results were impressive.

Basically the hair brush combines a natural pumice stone with its bristles. No, we won’t be scraping dead skin from the scalp like we do from our feet, unless you plan on going bald. The pumice given on the brush is to buff away rough skin and calluses.

The soft brush bristles are then used for smoothing and polishing the skin. Unlike commercial brushes, these come with wooden handles, which are especially contoured for an easy grip and maneuverability. This also helps in preventing breakage as you don’t lose a grip on the brush.

Natural bristles in the brush also help to lightly massage the scalp, which improves blood circulation and promotes growth of healthier hair. They also untangle the hair gently, without causing breakage or fly-away ends, especially for thick and frizzy hair.

However, you should make sure that you don’t over brush, even with these gentle brushes, because it can lead to friction and heat, which is not healthy for hair fibers.


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