Neck wrap to apply hot and cold therapy to the neck


hot cold neck wrapNo more aching shoulder and neck pain to be troubled about. A therapeutic, handy and safe hot cold neck wrap is the way out for soothing tired, tensed neck and shoulders. This wrap provides both hot and cold therapy in one wrap. It is designed for suitable application of heat or cold to painful areas around the neck. Hands free use allows easy and effortless application. It is contoured to specifically wrap around the neck for a snug yet comfortable fit. This allows the heat and cold to be distributed consistently and evenly. The wrap stays in place while walking, sitting or standing. The weight of the wrap is just heavy enough to make tense shoulders and neck relax. The wrap has a soft, comfortable fabric cover that has a moisture-resistant lining and keeps the wrap dry.

It is portable and non-electric. This makes it equally convenient to carry while travelling or at home. It also provides an easy transition from hot to cold therapy during injury healing. Make the wrap hot by using a microwave or cold by laying the wrap in a freezer. Additionally, it provides hot or cold pain relief and support for all types of neck injuries like whiplash, arthritis, muscle spasms, neck tension or headaches.

There are herbal hot cold neck wraps also available in the market. They are designed for somebody looking for a relaxing aromatherapy experience. People suffering from sinus headaches have found that it helps relive their symptoms dramatically.

Feel great on your neck and relieve the stress and pain with a hot cold neck wrap.

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