Are whole food supplements better for you?


nutriplex whole food formula

It sounds clichéd but is nevertheless true. We are what we eat. What we eat is reflected in our skin, our eyes and body. When I say body, I mean our body language; our confidence and energy levels are largely influenced in a positive way, with the right foods. A healthy body is one that gets the right nutrients in the right proportion. Whole food supplements are definitely better for our body than broken up into isolated food groups of vitamins and fats and other nutrients.

Take a look at how whole food supplements benefit us:

  • The human body needs the full spectrum of nutrients to be able to function on all levels healthily. When you take a particular vitamin tablet, you’re just getting only the vitamin. Whereas if you consume a vegetable that contains vitamin, you’re in effect getting that vitamin plus many other nutrients along with fibers and minerals.
  • If you have to take supplements, settle for something like Nurtiplex whole food formula. It contains a complete set of complex nutrients that work together like natural foods that go towards making a healthy body. Only complete foods, the way nature meant us to have protects us from illness and provides energy to cells to build immunity.
  • Food supplements taken in isolation like vitamins or minerals alone cannot help prevent diseases. The body also needs enzymes, terpenes, chlorophyll, carotenoids, pigments, flavonoids, amino acids and others. It’s vital to consider the density of nutrients found in supplements and natural foods to get their full benefit.

Take whole food supplements for a healthier you. Research reveals that chemically formulated vitamins or any one food group alone will not help.  What you need are concentrated whole foods, drinks and supplements.

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