Go green with organic cotton sheets


organic cotton sheetsDo you like helping the environment? Do you like sleeping on soft, comfortable sheets? Going green doesn’t always have to mean sacrificing quality and comfort. Many people are scared of the term “organic” but when it comes to organic cotton sheets, it’s truly a good thing!

Organic cotton sheets are popular for a number of reasons. For one, organic cotton is grown in a way that has the lowest impact possible on the environment. Growing normal cotton requires the use of pesticides which have an enormous impact on the environment and pose health risks for the people working around them. These chemicals aren’t only bad for the people however, they also are very bad for the land the cotton is grown on.The more chemicals used make the soil quality worse and worse, and these pesticides can also get into the water supply and affect entire communities.

Organic cotton sheets are also hypoallergenic since they don’t contain chemicals, which is perfect for people with sensitive skin or allergies. Since organic cotton sheets don’t contain chemicals,  the indoor air quality will also be greater. There are still chemicals leftover on normal sheets that are emitted into the air and surround you when you are sleeping. Most people don’t know that they are laying on potentially toxic sheets!

Fortunately, the demand for organic cotton has gone up which means the pricing has gone down. This is better for consumers and is no longer a reason not to buy organic cotton sheets! The extra cost is worth the environmental savings and comfort you will be getting in the end!

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