Picking the best holiday stockings


Christmas stockingsMany people already have their Christmas stockings packed safely away in storage, but not all of us! Maybe you just moved into your own place, want to update your decor or simply need to replace some old tattered Christmas stockings. Before you purchase new stockings make sure that you pick stockings that will match your décor and style.

Needlepoint stockings

Needlepoint stockings give off that old-fashioned, warm, homey feel. They look homemade and can be personal too. You don’t have to get all of the same design. There are so many out there whether you like angels, snowmen, bears or nutcrackers. You can get one that makes sense for each family member.

Classic felt stocking

You probably grew up with the classic red and white felt stockings hanging above your fireplace, and even if you didn’t you’ve surely seen them before. These stocking are fun because you personalize them. An easy way to do so, is by getting some silver glitter glue and writing names across the top. This is a great kid-friendly activity too!

Appliqued stockings

Appliqued stockings often have a very cutesy, child-friendly style to them. This is because appliqued stockings are layered with different fabrics such as cotton, velvet or silk creating a geometric look to them. You can find them with snowmen or reindeer. These Christmas stockings almost have a 2-D look.

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