The 1920s dress


1920s dressThe 1920s was a period of great change in the society and was a period when women began experimenting with fashion. Women had just won the right to vote and their sense of liberation was reflected in their dressing. The dresses were typically knee length exposing their arms and legs. The ladies accentuated their look with a chin length bob and cosmetics, which up until then was looked down upon.

1920s dress

Even today people celebrate the 1920s era by having costume parties with the 20s theme aka “The Jazz Age Party.” The dresses for this occasion could range from a vintage dress handed down from your grandmother to a modern imitation of the flappers attire. The flapper’s unique attire contained sequins and fringe along with equally beautiful head gear that contained veils, feathers and rhinestones. Stores like Bloomingdales and Neiman Marcus are good choices for an authentic 1920s dress.

Dressing up in a 1920s attire is also a popular choice for a Halloween party. Add a color coordinated boa and black fishnet stockings and you will surely turn heads! There are online costume stores where you can buy a costume for the day without burning a deep hole in your pocket.

So whatever your budget is go out and experience the roaring 20s!

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