Three quick tips for keeping your sanity and your nursery organized


wall storage cubbiesA clean house, organization and even personal hygiene sometimes suffer once that little bundle of joy comes along. Once the baby arrives, the baby is the priority. There are a few small ways that you can prepare yourself and organize your nursery, so that you can enjoy more precious time with your little addition to the family.


I’ve seen many nurseries with dressers, armoires or extra storage compartments in the closet. These are great, however, when you want to quickly grab a new change of clothes, diapers, lotion, wipes or socks, the last thing you want to do is go on a digging excursion. Investing in wall storage cubbies is great way to stay neat and organized, while at the same time keeping everything you need within reach.


It’s hard to remember to take care of yourself when the baby becomes priority. You should have a comfortable chair for yourself in the nursery for feedings and snuggle time. If you have the means to invest in a recliner, get a storage ottoman to go with it. You can store extra blankets inside, and then you don’t even have to get up to grab them. OK, yes you will probably have to get up for something else anyway, but why not try to make your life a little easier?


After the baby shower you might end up with baby clothes in all sizes and tubs of stuffed animals. You don’t need it all, but sometimes you can’t bring yourself to throw away those treasured gifts from close family and friends. Keeping 2-3 stuffed animals and store the rest in box and put it away in the closet. Store all of baby clothes that will fit in the next few weeks in wall storage cubbies for easy access and store the rest in the closet or dresser, so you can swap them out when the baby grows.

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