Wall fireplaces are a perfect way to turn your house into a home


wall fireplaceThere are many reasons why modern homes are doing away with the standard wood burning fireplace and moving to wall fireplaces. Whether it’s a fireplace insert at eye level or in the standard position resting on the floor, electric and gas fireplaces are the way of the future. With wall fireplaces you can decide where you want it. Living room, bedroom, dining room, even the hallway if you so desired. Most people normally would not pick a hallway, but at least you have the option!

For years people were concerned about artificial fireplaces looking too fake, but now fireplace inserts are as real looking as they come. Since gas fireplaces use an actual flame, they look real, feel real, and require zero cleanup. No longer do you have to worry about ash getting all over your carpet or constantly cutting or buying new wood. Wall fireplaces are another way to go green as well: since there is no harmful smoke coming out of a chimney, you are helping save the environment as well as eliminating the risk of a chimney fire.

And now the fire can go out on your schedule. With the flip of a switch you can set the mood: no longer do you have to wait for the fire to go out before you can finally go to bed. This benefit is not only safer, but saves you the headache of worrying about the fire going out all the way. And since wall fireplaces are enclosed by glass, they are safe for children and animals to be around them.


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