How to stay stylish in rainy weather


wedge rain boots

When the rainy season arrives all I can think about is spoiling my gorgeous Mary Jane’s and Jimmy Choo’s. Thankfully, wedge rain boots are a more practical and yet fashionable approach to rainy season woes. As the name suggests, these wedge shoes are made with materials, which are water and weather resistant.

Not only do they keep your feet dry and warm, they don’t make compromise on being fashionable (even when you are trying to cross that messy puddle). I personally want to avoid heels during the rainy seasons but with these comfortable wedges, you needn’t worry about balancing and slipping.

These great shoes add height unlike regular flat rain boots that might make you look bulky. And yes I agree that the raincoats do add a lot of extra inches…  You can pick these wedge shoes in varying lengths like ankle, knee-length or middle lengths too.

Now, don’t worry about fitting these shoes over straight-legged or boot-legged trousers. Most of them come with zippers or have enough expansion to be worn over trousers. Another thing I love about these wedges is that they look gorgeous with dresses, skirts and almost anything.

The affordable and durable shoes come in an assortment of styles like with buckles and embellishments, which don’t get ruined due to rain. Then there are matte and sheen fabrics to choose from too.

Go ahead and pick wedge rain boots that are stylish and make sure that they fit snug, but comfortably. A loose fitting pair can be troublesome with those slippery paths and sidewalks.

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