What are Nike sliders?


Nike SlidersHere’s how these blog posts work. I find a topic I think people would be interested in knowing about and then write about it. Seems simple enough. Some of the topics can get a little long winded and very specific. “Princess crib bedding” for example, although I did manage to knock that one out of the park. Then sometimes I get a topic that initially seems like it will be a breeze to write about, and turns out that it is not that even a little bit. Nike sliders falls well into that category. My extensive research of one Google search tells me that Nike sliders are actually two different products.

Nike Sliders: These are sandals. Now Nike could have simply called these ‘Nike Sandals’. But Nike has a reputation to uphold as the premier apparel company, and simply calling them sandals is something that those yahoos over at Reebok would do. So Nike decided to stay hip and call them sliders. But there’s a problem because there’s another product in their line called…..

Nike Sliders: Now the sandal sliders are called as such because they slide on your feet. I get it. But they have another name they could go by (sandals). The other sliders don’t really have another name, because they are shorts that baseball and softball players wear underneath their uniform so they don’t tear their legs up when sliding into a base. Hence the term ‘sliders’.

Clearly Nike has to either drop the sliders name from their sandal line, or find a cool name for their baseball sliders.



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