Winter activities for you and baby


Winter is just around the corner. Most people think this is the time to hunker down in the home and stick to inside activities. With that said, it doesn’t have to be that way. Whether you live in a cold-weather climate or a not-so-cold climate, there are also outside activities you can do with your child.

You can get your child involved with skating at a young age. Whether you do hockey or ice skating, make sure to get the right skates and equipment. If you child is doing ice hockey then they will need infant hockey skates. If your child is doing ice skating then they will need infant figure/ice skates. Whether ice skating or playing hockey, make sure your child is properly padded too since it is very likely that in the beginning there will be many falls and bumps, and subsequently bruises. If possible take a stick or a chair on the ice with you. The child can use these items to hold on to while getting a feel for their balance in skates while on the ice.

If ice skating is a bit too intense for you then perhaps sledding is more your speed. The thing about sledding is that all you really need is a sledding device, clothes to keep warm, sunscreen and snow.

When looking at a sledding device, make sure it is sturdy and one you can steer. There should be handholds on the sled that are easy to grab and the sled seats should be padded. Check the sled to make sure that there are no sharp or jagged edges or broken parts.

Make sure your child has gloves or mittens and boots, since besides keeping you warm, these items can help your child from becoming injured if they take a tumble. You may also want to invest in a helmet too for head protection.

Last but not least, don’t forget about the sunscreen. Although you may not think you need it, the sun’s rays — in addition to shining down on you, are also be reflected back at you via the bright white snow and ice. So you’ll be getting a double dose of sun even though you may think you are not.

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