Three ways to incorporate a dressy jacket


Women’s dressy jackets

Women’s dressy jackets are one of the most essential pieces in your wardrobe. They are classy, modern and always in vogue. The dressy jacket might be an evergreen tapestry style that has been in your family for years or even a more contemporary metallic satin in a chic cut.

As a rule of thumb, you should pick a dressy jacket that complements your figure. So, waist length jackets for apple-shaped women and slightly below the hips for pear shapes works the best. Of course, don’t buy anything that is so tight that your buttons seem to be bursting open.

Here are three chic styles to incorporate the dressy jacket in your wardrobe:

1. Work appropriate styles

Don’t wearvery bright or over-the-top dressy jackets for work. Stick to classy cuts and patterns that are comfortable and fashionable. You can pair these with a pencil skirt, slacks and tunic or even a dress. A waist length jacket can be paired with straight, formal trousers also.

2. For a casual date

Go for sleek jersey dresses, ruffled skirts or even a mini dress for that casual look. Do remember to not pair a printed jacket with a printed bottom, unless it’s a contrasting geometrical style or something that works with color blocking. Also, if your jacket is fitted at the top, then go for flowy bottoms, unless you are blessed with an hourglass figure.

3. For a night out

For a night out with the girls you can pair these jackets with dark jeans and a gorgeous silk tank. A pair of stilettos or pumps completes the look. You can also pair them with cocktail dresses like a satin red jacket over a black or brown short dress.

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