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18 baby dollWhile I may not seem to be the go-to person on knowledge of baby dolls, I actually learned quite a bit while researching them, and the variety of baby dolls available should allow me to write a decent article on them. Dolls have been around since the beginning of civilized man, and are clearly still popular to this day with no signs of slowing down. Lets take a look at some of the baby doll options.

Life-Like Baby Dolls: These are the dolls that look like real babies. Some will be actual size, although 18″ baby dolls are more popular so kids have an easier time handling them.

Porcelain Baby Dolls: These baby dolls have porcelain faces instead of rubber or plastic faces. However  the body is still made of cloth. These are generally more for adults who collect dolls since the porcelain faces are easier to break and injure children.

Cabbage Patch Dolls: These very popular dolls were a huge hit in the 1980′s. They spawned collectors editions, interactive dolls, a movie, and even a spoof (remember Garbage Pail Kids?).

Interactive Baby Dolls: These are the dolls who had hair you could cut, you could feed them, and they’d even wet themselves. That’s as close as you can get to actually having a kid without giving birth.

My Buddies: A doll marketed towards boys, I’m not even sure if they make these anymore, but they were a big hit in the late 1980′s. They may have been discontinued due to the Child’s Play movies that came out around the same time. In fact it is rumored that Chucky was modeled after the My Buddy.


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