Why bedroom lamps are necessary


bedroom touch lampYup, bedroom lamps. Only someone with my incredible talent and imagination could possibly write a whole blog about bedroom lamps. After all I’ve done previous entries about tables and bedding, so such a subject isn’t foreign to me. Too bad all of that talent hasn’t resulted in a book deal with a major publisher, but I digress. Bedroom lamps are great! They give you light…in your bedroom! Granted the lights are off in your bedroom the majority of the time so you can sleep and stuff. But many people like to read before going to bed, and even more like not having to walk to their bed in the dark, so bedroom lamps are fairly handy. Here are some of your options.

Bedroom Touch Lamps: These are the lamps that turn on and off by simply touching the base. It’s handy so you’re not fumbling around for the switch in the middle of the night. It’s also good for older people who may have arthritis and can’t grasp the little knob as easily. Plus they usually take a three-way light bulb so you can have dim, standard, or bright lighting.

Standard Bedroom Lamps: These are your basic side table lamps. They either have the twist knob, wheel switch, or pull chain switch. They can also take three-way bulbs.

Usually I can do three or four options, but for a bedroom lamp, this is it. You have two and only two options. Although some ceiling fans that have lights can be operated by remote control, so if that’s an option then you win for having the greatest invention ever.


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