Oh so many martini glasses


martini glassesSo I’m not the biggest drinker in the world, especially when it comes to anything other than beer. So how can I possibly be an authority on martini glasses? Because I’ve sold alcohol before! Yes, I used to work in a restaurant and had to know all about martinis, in addition to the zillions of other drinks out there. Since I’ve been sober in all my dealings with martini glasses, then I’m probably a better authority on it than anyone.

Sizes: The average martini glass size ranges from 4oz martini glasses to 12 oz martini glasses. Which ever one you want depends on how much alcohol you want in one sitting.

Style: The basic martini glass is a long stem holding up a triangle shaped bowl. However, there are fancy variations.The stem can have a unique design, the glasses can light up, have designs or messages etched into them, etc.

How Many: Some martini glasses are sold individually, but most are sold in sets. If you entertain people at your home a lot, then maybe a set of martini glasses would be the best for you.

Price: Some of the fancier sets can get pretty pricey. If you have a little extra cash to spend on them, by all means splurge for a fancy set. But the plain old simple martini glass holds the exact same alcohol for a lot less money.

Now that you have some martini glass knowledge, go out there and arm yourself with the fanciest cocktail glass there is!


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