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flannel snowboard jacketsFinally, after monkey bedding, quilting, princess beds, and who knows what else, I finally get a topic that I know about! Now I’m not exactly Shaun White out on the hills. If you ever see me airborne out on the slopes, call 911 because something horrible is about to happen. But I can get down the hill without falling or breaking all the way so I consider myself intermediate. If you’re going to go boarding, you need to look good and stay warm (so if you get a flannel snowboard jacket, make sure the rest of your gear is flannel). With that said, here are some tips for picking the right snowboarding gear.

Snowboards: There are a few key factors to remember when choosing your snowboard. The more you weigh, the longer it should be; Beginners and freestyle boarders should choose shorter snowboards; All-mountain boarders should choose a longer snowboard.

Bindings: Bindings hold your boot to the board. There are two types of bindings: step-in and strap-in. Step in bindings use two pins in the boot to snap into the binding. Strap-ins use a ratcheting strap to hold your feet down. More experienced riders prefer strap-ins because they are more adjustable, while beginners prefer step-ins since they are easier to engage.

Boots: You want to make sure your snowboarding boot is snug so your foot isn’t sliding around inside of it. This will also help keep your feet warm.

Pants: Make sure your snowboarding pants are waterproof and well insulated, especially if you’re a beginner as you’ll probably be spending a lot of time sitting in the snow. Most snowboarding pants come with zippered pockets to hold your valuables.

Jacket: Similar to the pants, your flannel snowboarding jacket that you’ve had your eye on should be waterproof and will have several pockets that can be fastened.

Goggles: Snowboarding goggles should be snug against your face so as little air gets in as possible.

Other Tips: Be sure to wear a helmet because there are hundreds of people flying around that mountain at break-neck speeds. Bring a small backpack with water and light snacks. Be sure you and your friends all have your cell phones in case you get separated, and get the number of the resort in case you have an emergency. If you fall, try and get to the side as fast as possible so as not to be in other the boarders way.

No go hit the slopes!

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