Catch some z’s on a sofa sleepers


foam sofa sleeperThe good news is this isn’t a topic I’m completely unfamiliar with.s. Sleeping is one of my favorite hobbies. In fact I probably spend a third of my time doing it. The bad news is that very little, if any, of my career in sleep has been spent on a sofa sleeper. But I’m going to put my nine-plus years of total sleeping time to use and figure out which sofa sleeper is best for you, my devoted reader (and I literally mean one devoted reader-hi mom).

Fold Out Sofa: I used to have a fold out sofa. I never slept on it because I had an actual bed and didn’t hold a grudge against my spine. These things are notorious for being uncomfortable. Between a paper-thin mattress and a frame supposedly made out of barbed wire, I suggest you only get one of these if you don’t want anyone at your house ever.

Futon: Futons area little better than the pull out sofas, as the inventor gave the bed part of it as much attention as the couch part. I slept on one for a couple of years and didn’t have any problems with it. Actually, the futon as a bed was more comfortable than as a couch. I’d recommend it if you have some spare room.

Foam Sofa Sleepers: These are probably the best out of the three. Foam is basically awesome, and the way the fold in and out means solid durability for it as both a bed and sofa.

There you have it. If you’re looking for a sofa sleeper, go with a foam sofa sleeper.

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