3 ways to display coffee mugs


10oz coffee mug

Ah, a hot mug of coffee! There is no substitute to it for the way it warms you up and prepares you for the day ahead. Coffee mugs speak volumes about the way they look and the way they are stacked up on the shelf. Whether they are a mixed bag of hodge-podge or form a coordinated collection, they add drama and character to the space they are kept. If you want to know ways to show off your coffee mugs, we’ve rounded up a few examples here:

  • Display them in a cabinet: Fit in your printed coffee mugs perfectly into any cabinet or china hutch. Your coffee mugs can have all sorts of pictures, designs, and etchings on them. The vintage 10oz coffee mugs will have their own style statement. You can even have custom printed mugs to match your theme and tie up the entire space.
  • Stack them and spice up boring shelves:  Bring in a sense of life and spice up a shelf by showcasing bright and eye-catching coffee mugs. The nice burst of color is sure to brighten your spirit as well as your room. You can even stack them up one above the other in alternate colors.
  • Hook them up: Get a stream of viewers to get hooked up to peep into your kitchen door of the “Café down the alley.” You can literally hang your coffee mugs on hooks to create a wall of mugs! Show off your love and sense of beauty and art décor and give your kitchen your own hot look.

Though not a quite common way of decorating, yet mugs can be perfect accents throughout any home. You could even have family pictures printed on them and your custom printed coffee mugs can be displayed just about anywhere in a non-conventional way. All it takes is sheer charm of owning them and your fantastic attitude!


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