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rhinestone braceletA bracelet is a thoughtful and versatile gift for a woman of any age. There are dozens of options from which to choose, making it easy to find an elegant and unique piece that she will wear and treasure for years to come. Two popular styles of bracelets are the rhinestone bracelet and the leather cuff bracelet.

When shopping for the right bracelet to give as a gift, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Have the right measurement of length of the bracelet, as they come in different lengths. The standard size is 7”. However, you have the option of resizing by adding or removing the extra links.
  • Depending on the usage, you could invest in a high quality, expensive bracelet or a reasonably priced bracelet. There are simpler bracelet styles such as a metal chain or band, which are more practical for daily use. It works well for someone who works extensively with their hands.
  • For people with skin sensitivities, a choice of sterling silver or platinum is safer.
  • Keep in mind the preference and style of the wearer when shopping for a bracelet to give as a gift. Pay attention to the color of the jewelry she mostly wears, what type of bracelet clasp she prefers and what metal she prefers. There are various clasp styles available. Some are ornate and visible and mostly more secure, whereas others are hidden and subtle within the design of the bracelet. See if you can look for something that will complement those pieces.

Even though it is often worn as a fashionable accessory, bracelets can also express solidarity with a culture, group, or cause. Bracelets are often given as tokens of friendship, love, and support. A stylish bracelet makes the perfect gift for a significant event in someone’s life.

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