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superman t shirt, light blue hats

Here at Be Suave we’re big advocates of classic style that works. Often times the sort of recommendations we give are designed to make you feel comfortable by covering all the basics of dressing. We even go so far as to say that you should avoid graphic tees and big visible logos, suggestions which often garner criticism from the more urban crowd. While we steadfastly maintain that classic style works, fun items like graphic tees and colorful glasses do have a place in self expression. Here we give you a couple of fun wardrobe ideas you can use to mix up your own personal style.

Graphic Tees With Purpose

superman t shirt, light blue hatsAs mentioned before, graphic tees in general are not advisable – they often look juvenile, and come plastered with obnoxious branding and garish designs. A graphic shirt with a universal message or a joke though sends an entirely different vibe. Try something fun like a superman t-shirt. This is the type of thing you can wear with a sport jacket and jeans, allowing you to look hip and fun while still retaining a certain elegance.

Play Around With Hats

Hats can be great, but lets start with two major caveats: first, we’re not talking about baseball hats that you wear all day every day just because you’re too lazy to switch things up, or style your hair. Second, be very careful with fedoras. Unless you’re wearing complimenting clothing, a fedora will most certainly stand out in the wrong way. Instead, try playing around with something fun like light blue hats. Style shouldn’t always be a serious thing – don’t be afraid to mess about!

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