Decorate the entryway space in your home


black entryway bench

A lot of the times, some of the most used spaces in a house are also the most ignored ones. One such example of a space that deserves more attention than it generally gets is the entryway. It is used by everyone who enters and exits the house and is the corner where conversations from the living room are continued for some more time. It is also a place where you breathe a sigh of relief when it is scorching hot or bitter cold outside.

So how does one decorate and furnish an entryway? The first thing that you should do is hang a mirror on the wall to make the small space look brighter and more spacious. Also, it lets you get a quick look at yourself before you leave for work. You can place an entryway bench below the mirror to make it more comfortable to put on and take off your shoes. Placing an entryway bench that has storage space obviously serves multiple purposes. If you like an antique finish to your bench, like I do, then try a black entryway bench. You can throw in a couple of cushions on the black entryway bench to make it more comfortable. You can also opt for an upholstered bench and have a more refined look.

Adding a few family photo frames on the entryway wall will make the house look more welcoming. The entryway can have the same theme and the same wall color as the rest of the rooms but as far as the decorative pieces are concerned go with minimalistic approach and make sure your decorations do not make the room look more cluttered and narrow. In the end, remember to be creative and at the same time practical in decorating an entryway space.


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