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conversion bed rail

Over the last few years the popularity of a convertible crib has considerably gone up. A convertible crib is a little different than an otherwise normal crib. A convertible crib has the ability to grow with your baby. Many of them can be converted into a toddler bed, then into a day bed and finally to a full-sized bed. This feature makes these cribs versatile and a long lasting item to be purchased for your baby.

Now more and more parents understand that it is worth the investment since this kind of purchase can be called an intelligent one. One does have to invest a little more while buying a convertible crib, but eventually it results into saving money as well as time. Moreover, most of these cribs meet the highest safety standards. So parents needn’t worry on this aspect as well.

As your baby gets livelier and begins to do all the possible little tantrums to get out of the crib, you will know it is time to convert your crib to a toddler bed. The safety bed rail lets the conversion happen in a snap and your cutie pie can continue to reign his little chamber comfortably.

Most of these convertible cribs can be easily converted into a full sized bed. All you need to do is get a conversion bed rail and a large mattress. These are sold separately but once you have purchased them, you don’t have to worry about buying another bed at all. The life of your little crib has by far increased now and you can probably enjoy it for as long as you wish.

One last thing- keep ‘safety’ as your number one priority. JPMA is a certification program that analyzes all the cribs. Those items that pass the tests are labeled as JPMA certified. Always look for this and your baby can enjoy your intelligent purchase for years to come while cherishing several moments’ right from infant-hood to adolescent.

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