Daylight Saving Time ends November 6th


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As the old adage goes, “spring forward, fall back.” That’s right, it’s time to set those western clocks back by an hour to get a much-deserved hour of rest this Sunday, November 6th at 2 AM when Daylight Saving Time (DST) ends.western clocks

DST Fun facts:

  • Benjamin Franklin first suggested the idea of DST when he wrote a letter to the Parisians that they could economize on the use of candles by waking up earlier to use morning sunlight.
  • Modern DST was first proposed by New Zealand insect collector George Vernon Hudson in 1895, who wanted more time to collect bugs.
  • The first historical account of DST being used was on April 30th 1916 by Germany and their allies in World War I to help conserve coal during wartime. The United States began using it in 1918.
  • Animals and pets, who adjust their internal clocks to human schedules, often notice humans behaving oddly when the time changes and may thus need a bit of paw-holding during the transition.

For those of you who are reliant on modern-day technology such as cell phones and atomic clocks, remember that your clocks will automatically adjust while anyone who uses a stainless steel wall clock may have to manually adjust their clocks. A small price to pay for an extra hour this weekend.

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  1. Ellen Simes / If The Shoe Doesn't Fit Says:

    After this week’s crazy power outage in the Northeast – it’s just another time to reset the clocks! Always worth it for the extra hour!

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