Decorate your own cedar birdhouse


cedar birdhouseIf you want to provide some shelter for your local wild birds, getting a bird house and bird feeder will help make their lives much easier. A bird house will provide great protection from predators and having a bird feeder near by will make sure they wont’ go hungry. You can decorate your cedar birdhouse by painting it and adding your own designs.

Cedar is a very light weight wood and absorbs paint very well. You should use acrylic paint to paint and decorate the outside of the birdhouse. You’ll want to leave the inside untouched as paint may be harmful to the birds if they peck at it and consume it. Birds usually like to have their own nests made out of twigs and leaves so make sure that the birdhouse is spacious enough to accommodate a nest.

Birdhouses are usually small so they’re catered towards smaller birds like wild finches. Larger birds like doves will not fit comfortably in a bird house. When you’re putting up your cedar birdhouse, you should be aware of what types of birds you’ll be hosting and what they eat. It’s a good idea to have a plastic bird feeder near by to feed your guests. You’ll most likely be feeding it a seed mix which will also feed other visiting birds.

You’ll want to keep a close eye on what types of birds begin visiting your home as birds are very territorial and may fight each other for use of the birdhouse or bird feeder.

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