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dragonfly stained glass lamp Dragonflys aren’t good for much outside of looking pretty when depicted via stained glass. But since they are the most popular style of stained glass lamps, I’d say that makes them pretty important. My grandmother used to make stained glass artwork, and dragonflys were always her favorite to do, especially when making gifts for friends. Since I grew up with, and even occasionally helped her make, her stained glass art, it will always hold a special place with me. With that said, here are some of the cooler dragonfly stained glass lamps out there.

Tiffany Lamp Blue Dragonfly: If you’re going to go with the stained glass route for your lamp, might was well go with Tiffany (not to be confused with the ridiculously high end jewelery company). Now most stained glass lamps stay in the red-yellow-orange area of the color spectrum. But go ahead and take a chance with a blue lamp, it will diversify your decor.

Dragonfly Lady Accent Lamp: Most dragonfly stained glass lamps have designs of dragonflys etched into the glass, but this is a statue of a lady with stained glass dragonfly wings.The best part is it doesn’t even look like a lamp, so it will blend in with the rest of your decor.

Those are basically the two types of dragonfly stained glass lamps out there. It’s either etched into the stained glass itself, or it is some form of an actual dragonfly. Admittedly they do look pretty cool, and I don’t think another animal would have been able to pull it off. Hippo stained glass lamps? That’s just silly.



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