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fine furniture bookcases, bookcase ladderA bookshelf is a very versatile piece of furniture that goes well with any decor style or room. Whether you want to store books or simply display your collectibles, it equally suits both purposes. Additionally, it can be used as  storage for baskets, videos, DVD s, games or magazines. It can even be placed in the bathroom for storing extra towels and bath accessories.

Therefore, what are some essential things you should look for when buying a bookshelf?

  • Styles: Bookshelves come in plenty of styles- cube-style shelves, leaning style bookshelf, barrister bookcase, built-in bookshelves, bookcase ladder etc. Therefore, it is simple to find one that will fit with your current décor and need. If you have a big collection of books, a sturdy wall-mounted style will be good choice. For a small space, a corner shelf offers adequate storage. Alternatively, if you want to display your treasures in style with the inventive design, then a bookcase ladder with shelves works best.
  • Sizes: Size is an important factor when you are searching for the right bookshelf. You need to measure the exact space to get an idea of the right size you are looking for. A narrow bookshelf may be ideal for a bathroom but may be too small for an office space or living room. Check if the shelf can be adjusted to accommodate whatever you will place on it.
  • Materials: Bookshelves come in many materials, from inexpensive fiberboard to more expensive glass or fine furniture solid wood materials. Fine furniture bookcases come in hardwood or softwood. Hardwood is scratch-resistance and heavier, while softwood is more delicate. Particleboard is the one of the most affordable bookshelf material options for the durability and quality it offers.

We hope this information will have some ideas steaming in your mind if you plan on buying a bookshelf.

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