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Cybe monday tvsBlack Friday may have passed but you still have one more chance to get great deals on electronics today! Many stores will have heavily discounted electronics for Cyber Monday so it’s the prefect time to upgrade your home theater system or get yourself that new flat screen TV you’ve wanted for ages.

If your sound system is lacking that low end punch, consider getting a good subwoofer that has a 10 inch woofer or bigger. Anything smaller than 10 inches won’t provide enough impact to really feel the explosions in a movie. Something like the DCM TB1010 will be sufficient to shake your living room. DCM is an American manufacturer based out of Illinois that has had a long history of producing great sounding speakers like the TimeFrame and TimeWindow line of speakers. You can’t go wrong with DCM.

If you’re looking to update your old tube TV or get a more up to date flat screen, Cyber Monday is a perfect time to do so. Samsung 1080p 240Hz TVs have been dropping in price and you’re sure to find a good deal on them this Cyber Monday. If you’re looking for anything bigger than 40 inches, make sure that the set has full HD (1920×1080) support. If you watch a lot of sports, you’ll want to make sure that the television supports 120 or 240 Hz smoothing so that you won’t get motion blur or ghosting effects when watching fast action scenes in movies or sports.

If you’re not looking for such expensive purchases, there will still be plenty of deals on accessories like flash drives and cameras. Hopefully there will be sales on hard drives but with the flooding in Thailand, many hard drive manufacturers have constrained supplies. Hard drive prices have skyrocketed the last couple of weeks so hopefully Cyber Monday will provide some relief from these high prices!

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