Essentials in a grooming kit


hair cutting comb, eyebrow tint kit

Have you,  hoarded and hoarded over a period of time but are finally left with a cluttered grooming kit? Time to get rid of all those things you’re probably never going to use again and just have a neat, organized kit that has only the absolute essentials. Take a look at what constitutes bare essentials for a woman on the go.

Hair cutting comb

Your hair is your crowning glory. Take care of it and everything else falls into place. A fine hair cutting comb like a Mason Pearson comb locks hair in place. Made from superior celluloid material, it’s heat-resistant and static free. The rounded tips are gentle on the scalp and hair and are lightweight enough to be carried around everywhere. It does a wonderful job with detangling, straightening and cutting hair.

hair cutting combEyebrow tint kit

Just like your hair, eyebrows, when well-groomed make you look salon-fresh. A wells-stocked eyebrow tint kit eliminates the necessity of regular application of eye pencils and powders throughout the day. They are pre-measured color capsules and wax strips to shape your brows perfectly each time. You get them in various shades to suit your hair and face color. A light hand with an eyeliner and eye shadow can keep you looking groomed for hours.

Lipstick and moisturizer

Never have a kit without the all important skin moisturizer or cream. A lip balm to moisturize, lipstick and a lip pencil to define your lips are absolute necessities in any self-respecting kit.

You can keep a larger, more expansive kit at home, ready-to-use, with hair and skin cleansing products like a hair blow dryer, curling and straightening iron, facial scrub, cleansing milk, shower gels, shampoos and conditioners. Shaving razor, shaving cream, a pedicure and manicure set along with a dental hygiene kit can make it a comprehensive kit.

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