How to transform your bedroom into a calm oasis


sage comforter set, white bedroom vanityThe coloring in your bedroom is very important not just for your décor, but for your sleeping habits as well. If you have vibrant colors such as a lot of red in your bedroom, it might be the cause of abnormal sleeping patterns because it is an energizing color. You want to pick calming and relaxing color hues when decorating your bedroom.

Your bedding is important because it’s what you look at when you’re heading to sleep. Great colors for bedding are grays, light blues and neutral colors. I would recommend an investment in a sage comforter set which is great because green hues are calming and symbolize life and well being. Now you don’t want something that is bright green of course, a light sage or something with a light green pattern would be calming and inviting when it’s time to sleep.

White décor for the bedroom is also great because it symbolizes cleanliness. So when it’s time to get some shut eye you will have a feeling of orderliness so that you can sleep peacefully. You don’t want your bedroom to look too cluttered and busy or you will start making to-do lists in your head and drive yourself crazy. A white bedroom vanity or white bed frame are good pieces of furniture to go white with.

A white bedroom vanity is great, for example, because let’s say you haven’t had a chance to dust your room for a few weeks, well a white vanity isn’t going to show dust as much as a darker colored vanity. It’ll still look neat after a few weeks. Of course, you should make some time to get around to dusting so that you can breathe properly when you sleep as well. Just make sure that you decorate your bedroom with peaceful and calming colors so that you can get a restful night’s sleep.

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