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jacket dresses, stretch lace panties

For me any clothing that exudes my personal style and is also practical works perfectly. I don’t follow fashion tips blindly, but I do like to be in the loop with current trends. But there are times when certain garments, especially ones that don’t fit well, just ruin the day for you.

These can include ill fitting pants that keep sliding down or very tight panties that need constant tugging. Not only do they weigh down your confidence level, it can be rather embarrassing and irritating. In particular when I am at work.

So the right fit also matters for clothing to give you confidence. I love wearing jacket dresses because they are work-appropriate, sophisticated and classy and smart. These fashionable dresses are not restricted to the workplace and you can sport them elegantly at formal lunches or anniversary parties too.

I like to pick fabrics that are not very heavy or too flowy to get that perfect shape. Though I have a couple of shiny jacket dresses in my wardrobe, I prefer using them during for more important occasions. The jackets from these can be worn separately with dressy pants or other outfits too. So that is a money-saver for me!

Confidence underneath

No matter how smart you look with outer clothing, what you wear underneath does count. Undergarments, which don’t fit well, can be a troublemaker. They should fit perfect and snug, leaving no room for adjustments throughout the day.

I prefer stretch lace panties because they help me feel confident underneath and are comfortable and pretty. Available in a variety of styles and designs, these enhance my overall look, without being revealed!

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