Health benefits of L arginine liquid


l arginine liquid

Also known simply as arginine, L-arginine is a “building block of protein”, an amino acid. It is used in our body to make nitric oxide and is responsible for many vital functions in our body. It’s been recognized as being so useful and important that the molecule was named the “Molecule of the Year” some years back. The researchers of the molecule were the recipients of the Nobel Prize in the field of medicine. Take a look at some of its most important health benefits:

  • We get arginine from the protein in our daily diet and a little is made naturally as a result of our metabolism. According to experts, the human body needs at least 5000 mg of supplemental arginine to really benefit and improve health. L arginine liquid provides the best absorption of arginine.l arginine liquid
  • Arginine increases the release of human growth hormones to delay the aging process and very actively improves cardiovascular functions. It helps improve blood circulation and helps prevent abnormal blood clotting. A symptom of atherosclerosis (building up of plaque inside arteries) is reduced, helps lower blood pressure and reverses bad effects of high blood pressure.
  • Arginine helps improve bowel movements, decreases incidence of gallstones, alleviates symptoms of colitis and reduces ulcers. It also helps prevent post-surgical damage after gastrointestinal surgeries and improves function of kidneys.
  • Bacterial and viral diseases in people with poor immune systems are helped with the intake of arginine supplements. It improves outcome of cancer treatment, helps diabetic people, and reduces cholesterol and helps build up the musculoskeletal system.
  • Arginine improves and facilitates long-term memory and cognitive functions. Cosmetic results like improvement in the growth of hair and skin are also seen.

Research for the past few years has indicated that arginine supplements are safe and help improve overall health. It can also be taken in the form of tablets or capsules.

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