Organic baby crib bedding for your toddler


organic baby crib bedding

When it comes to buying baby crib bedding, organic is my first preference. Unlike commercial alternatives, organic baby crib bedding is made from pure and natural ingredients. A lot of you might be thinking that pure cotton works as well as organic cotton. But that is not true.

Not all forms of cotton are grown organically. So even though you are using a cotton bed sheet or duvet for your little one, it may contain some harmful chemicals and toxins. Also, the entire process is not really green or eco-friendly.

Apart from this, there are very harsh dyes used in regular baby crib beddings, which might trigger of allergic reactions or rashes. The skin of babies is so soft and sensitive that what may seem completely safe to you, can lead to sensitive skin issues for the baby.

On the other hand, these organic baby crib beddings are made from organically grown cotton. The entire procedure of manufacturing the sheets, duvets, pillow covers, etc. is natural and eco-friendly. The use of chemical dyes is a strict no-no here.

Instead the skin-friendly vegetable and fruit dyes are used for adding some color to them. You can get all your favorite baby prints like bunnies, owls, dolls, farm animals, fairies, etc. patched together exquisitely in quilted or plain styles.

You can buy the entire baby crib bedding set or opt for individual pieces, depending on your requirements. The finishing of these bedding is very fine and you can be assured no loose threads will cause your little one irritation.

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