Choose a pie pan for an easy as pie recipe!


Holiday seasons are known for their most delectable dishes, especially desserts. With the coming of this holiday season, you might want to think about finding the right appliance to help perfect your enticing desserts.

If you find pie making to be a challenge, try using a pie pan to help make this task “easy as a pie”. When making the perfect pie, you will want the bottommost crust to be as crisp as possible. The best pie pans to use are silicone, aluminum, or dark metal pie pans. Pie pans are the best route to go when baking pies as they conduct heat evenly which allows the crust to bake thoroughly. If you are using a glass pie pan, you can tell when the bottom crust of your pie browned.

To get the best out of your pie, you may want to think about adding a rich vanilla flavored ice cream to the pie itself for added taste. Ice cream bowls are a necessary part of the ice cream experience! Ice cream will never be a finger food so choose a large ice cream bowl as a side alternative for guests who would prefer ice cream alongside the pie. Ice cream bowls are perfect for larger serving sizes as well as for scooping out all your favorite flavors and stacking them altogether!

No matter who you are having over for the holidays, the ice cream and pie dessert is the best way to top off your main course and a sure way to have your guests wanting seconds!

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