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pink bell boots

Bell boots or protective boots protects the heels and back of the horse’s pastern. The boots are a necessity if your horse is prone to catch its front heels with the toes of the back feet. Fitted and used correctly, horses generally feel comfortable wearing them. Take a look at some bell boots here so you can select the right ones for your horse:

  • Davis Artisan neon pink, no-turn, large bell boots is a quality product and well-crafted.  The “Giving Cancer the Boot” range is an innovative design and attractive too.  The pink bell boots have an inward protruding cushion that fits the horse’s ankle and stops turning. The boots are durable and made with cell foam and a three-layer construction. They are comfortable and easy to clean. They prevent moisture absorption. The boots are sewn well and provide a secure closure with the double-locking hook and loop closure.
  • The Centaur pull-on bell boots are convenient boots. They are easy to pull on and off and very durable. They’re afford ably-priced and protect a horse’s feet effectively. They’re secure boots with no fear of them coming undone. They’re available in a range of fun colors.pink bell boots
  • The Classic bell boots with their no-turn feature is well designed. They offer a good fit and protect your horse’s feet well. The No-turn has a durable non-rip vinyl shell and a back panel covered with bullet-proof material for additional durability and safety. The shock-absorbing nitrate center protects against tough blows. The double Velcro strap closures and contoured fit provide a secure fit.

Protect your horse’s feet from overreaching especially when you’re jumping or riding in slippery, muddy conditions with bell boots. They also protect the horse when he accidentally loses his shoe.

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