A few last-minute tips for Thanksgiving


plum tableclothThanksgiving is almost here and I am sure a lot of you are anxious about whether your turkey is going to cook well and if your family is going to enjoy eating it. Though unavoidable to a degree, these things do not really matter as your family will appreciate your enthusiasm in preparing this meal and making this day a memorable one. So don’t get worked up about it and enjoy the day with your family.

Here are a few simple last-minute tips for you so that your Thanksgiving Day goes as smoothly as planned:

  • Set the table a day before Thanksgiving by placing the table cloth along with the matching cloth napkins on the table. I think a plum tablecloth would be perfect for Thanksgiving as it is the perfect color for fall and you can bring in the beauty of the fall leaves inside by using it as your tablecloth. A plum tablecloth is also a very forgiving color when there are spill accidents. Placing the table centerpiece and cutlery the previous night will save you time on D-day.

  • To add to the previous point, you could keep a stain remover handy to save your carpet or the guest’s outfit.

  • It is good idea to buy place card holders if you are whipping up a meal for a large party, to guide the guests to their respective seats. It will not only help in being organized but also will help the parents and their kids get some time away from each other and enjoy the company of people their age.

  • It is always a good idea to make or buy extra ice before hand as it always seems to be the first one to go out.

Enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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