Prepare your pet for air travel with a travel kennel


dog planeIf you don’t want to leave your beloved pet behind during the holidays or during your vacation, you can take him or her with you, even on airplanes. If you’ve never taken your pet with you on a plane, there are something you should do to prepare your pet for air travel.

Air travel can be nerve wracking for both pets and people alike. If you’re checking in your pet, he or she will spend the entire time in the cargo hold of the plane, which made be a scary place for him or her. Make sure that the travel kennel you bring with you is big enough so that your dog has enough room to lay down and turn around. Different airlines have different restrictions on how big the kennel can be so make sure to check your airline’s website or call them before buying a travel kennel.  American Airlines recommends one that is 19″ long x 13″ wide x 9″ high. This will accommodate smaller dogs.

A large dog cage kennel may not fit in the cargo hold so you’ll need to make arrangements to bring him or her in the plane cabin. Each airline has different procedures for having animals in the cabin so make sure to call in advance. If you have a service dog, he or she qualifies for free airfare so make sure to specify to your airline if your dog is a service dog.

Lastly, make sure to arrive at the airport early so that you have a chance to check in your pet at the ticket counter. You don’t want to have your pet travel on a different plane!

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