Prevent accidents with a child and pet gate


metal child pet gateHaving a child in the house is nerve-wracking enough but having a child and a pet can really make your life a bit difficult. Safety is a huge concern, especially for children as they can fall down the stairs or wander into a room that has breakables. Whether you need to keep your child or pet safe, you can do so with a child and pet gate.

One common place to put a child and pet gate is on the top of a flight of stairs. Since babies lack depth perception and fine motor skills during early stages of development, it is important to keep them away from drops. If you’re looking for a gate to protect your baby, make sure that it is sturdy, like an accordion wood gate and make sure that the gate doesn’t have a spring loaded mechanism to retract itself when not in use. Having a gate that retracts itself may seem handy but it is risky and may trap and harm your child or pet.

If you have a bigger pet like a large dog, you’ll have to make sure that the pet gate is tall and sturdy enough. Many dogs will be able to jump over lower gates. Gates made out of metal will be more durable and will put up with the abuse by a pet dog.

If you have multiple pets, there are some metal pet gates that have a kitty door at the bottom, allowing your pet cat to gain access to the rest of the house but not your dog (since he or she will be too big to fit.) This is ideal if you have multiple pets in your home.

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