Give your living room a rustic makeover with a reclaimed wood coffee table


reclaimed wood coffee table

A reclaimed wood coffee table enhances the décor of any room. It is after all an accessory that makes a good conversation starter. Reclaimed wood is one of the smartest ways to reuse our natural resources. Not only does it add character to the room, it is also a piece that can be used to give your living room an instant makeover.

Rustic reclaimed wood coffee tables are one of my favorite picks because they are easy to maintain, eco-friendly and practical too. It is an innovative solution for home furnishing and goes with most décor styles. Rustic tables add a vintage touch to contemporary homes, without making too many changes.

reclaimed wood coffee table

There is no doubt that vintage furniture pieces are a gateway to the past. They reflect our history while retaining functional purposes. The rustic reclaimed wood coffee table can be made from different wood types like teak, maple, and pine, oak, cherry, etc.

It also serves as environment purpose as fewer trees are cut. Many brands use salvaged wooden doors to create reclaimed tables with added metal rivets and latches. The lumber can also be sourced from barns or other old structures. Also, the reusing and recycling materials adds that feel good factor to your home, apart from being fashionable and trendy too.

Don’t worry about the durability of these reclaimed rustic pieces. They may seem old, but only the best lumber salvaged from older structures are sorted and processed for reuse. So, rest assured that your table would last you many years.

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