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Skate backpack

Skateboarding is one of the most popular modern day extreme sports which most teenagers are into these days. The number of skate parks that you would find these days is quite surprising. Even though this number is high they are not quite high enough for skateboarders and getting to a skate park carrying your skateboard is quite a long and difficult walk. This is where a skate backpack comes in handy.

A skate backpack is just like any other back pack except for the fact that it is primarily designed to carry your skateboard and a few other accessories. This way you would need to carry it with your hands which could get uncomfortable after a while. The skate backpacks from Etnies have to be one of the most popular ones around. These skate backpacks are not only the most convenient ones you would find but also the most stylish ones as well. They come in one single size with skate straps which conveniently hold your skateboard. They also have a pocket for an iPod with which you could listen to your favorite music.

The printed artwork on the back of the backpack is also quite good and it would suit teenagers quite well. They come in two different colors which are grey and rust. This backpack is about 20 inches in height, 15 width, and about 6 thick making it perfect for your carry a skateboard along with your skate shoes. Etnies skate shoes would fit in perfectly along with your skateboard in the skate backpack and they are quite good as well. The Bledsoe’s Pro shoe would be on every skateboarder’s shopping list as it was Designed and tested by Tyler Bledsoe himself!

So what are you waiting? Get youself a skate backpack and hit the slopes at the skate park!

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