Sleep tight with a new comforter


damask stripe comforterSleeping is one of the few things we all have in common. Everyone does it, and you’ll spend approximately one-third of your life sleeping. So it makes sense to be as comfortable as possible. I’ve slept in many types of situations, from the sweltering hot to the freezing cold, so I know what it takes to stay comfortable while catching some Z’s. One of the most important aspects to your sleeping arrangement is the top layer, which is usually a comforter.

When choosing a comforter, you want it to not only be cozy, but it needs to look good and mesh well with your decor as well. So for example, if you have a king size bed and a bedroom with a purple theme, then a purple king comforter set or purple damask stripe comforter would probably fit your room best. Here are some of the things to look for in comforters:

Down Comforters: These are the most popular comforters, due to their warmth and comfort. ‘Down’ refers to the material inside the comforter. It’s thickness can vary, depending on what balance of lightness and warmth the user wants the blanket to have. They can be expensive, but they last a long time so think of it more as an investment then as a purchase.

Style: As I mentioned earlier, you want your comforter to look good as well as feel good. One of the more popular styles is the damask stripe. Damask stripe comforters have alternating stripes of the same color, but in different textures. It’s a good way to give your room a unique look without having to go way off the color grade.


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