Dog bowls that are almost a work of art


sunset raised dog bowls, fleur de lis dog bowl


Dog bowls sound like a mundane and boring functional object. Interestingly,there are many glamorous, colorful and well designed accessories to enhance the look of your pet. I remember ever since I adopted my pet, the Scottie Dog I have turned into an arty individual. You could actually say she is a dog with a high taste and likes to enjoy her food in a good looking food bowl.

Dog bowls with a difference

The simplest of dog bowls can look pleasing to the eye when constructed with a twist to it. Sunset raised dog bowls are one of a kind. I once heard a passerby comment that these elevated feeder style bowls can be almost be compared to a fine piece of art. It has a keen eye on high quality resin, making your pet look cool while eating from this dog dish. Bright shades, varying sizes and easy maintenance are some of the other qualities that can be attributed to it.

fleur de lis dog bowlAre you looking for something more exclusive? Then you could possibly try out Fleur De  Lis dog bowl. It has a subtle hint of antiquity and richness.

Durability and dishware safety are factors that one would usually look out for while buying dog bowls. Whether you opt for a bowl made in plastic, wood, terracotta or ceramic, pamper your pet in style. A slight detailing with the picture of a dog bone would complete the look.

A Personalized dog bowl is also an option you could indulge in. To be honest, I do love to see the gleam in my pet’s eye when they see their artistic looking dog bowl, even though I know that it is what lies in the bowl that interests them most!

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