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Here on Be Suave we have a theme of recommending great fitting clothes made with a bit of love and quality construction. Often we advocate what we refer to as style essentials, things that every man should include in his wardrobe. Simultaneously we talk about evoking a personal sense of style – this is something that’s developed through experimentation, and built upon the foundations of a wardrobe stocked with the essentials. Something many men neglect altogether though are accessories. These are really a great way to show off a bit of personality and many men look over them altogether. The one true male accessory is the watch, but with so many options out there picking the right one can be confusing. Here we give you some prompters on choose the best watch for you.

The Daily

citizen sapphireA daily watch should be one that you can wear for any occasion. In general this type of watch will include a breathable metal wrist band and sturdy construction. The Citizen Sapphire is a great example of a classy and rugged daily watch, with sparse detail and an elegant appearance. Whatever you choose, we highly recommend steering away from gaudy electronic watches with a thousand bells and whistles – these bulky hunks of plastic just look childish.

The Dinner Watch

The dinner watch should be reserved for wearing to dressy occasions. A typical dinner watch such as a Bulova Gold will be made with a golden sheen, and a black leather band. This type of watch can be round or square – this detail is less important than how good it looks on your wrist. Wear a dinner watch with a tuxedo and you’ll be doing it right!

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