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Tignanello handbags

I love carrying handbags that exude my personal style, without compromising on the fashion quotient. So, my pick is always something that is trendy and also practical. Tignanello handbags are a great fall accessory for everyday use.

These handbags may not be top of the line like Gucci or Louis Vuitton, but they are affordable and definitely feasible. I can carry them to work, for a casual outing or even for a night out. They come in neutral colors and are a sensible pick when you don’t want your outfits to clash with the handbag.

Most of my fall clothes are brightly colored with bold patterns, as per fashion trends. So, I don’t want my bags to clash with them or be the same color as them. Contrast is the mantra this fall and Tignanello handbags give you an array of neutral and subtle colors.

Their designs are beautiful and extremely functional. Made with good quality soft leather, the bags are very durable too. The rich leather texture is blended with fine detailing. Even the interiors are lined with silk fabric to retain the softness.

Plenty of compartments are provided inside the bag to keep your essentials organized. There is enough room in these practical handbags, without compromising on the fashion quotient. So, even if you dump a lot of things, your bag won’t appear overfilled.

To ensure maximum comfort, when carrying them for longer periods, the straps are wide. They are also adjustable so you can use them as a sling across the chest or as a regular handbag too.

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